Cell Phone Holder (stationary use only)*

Available for Tesla® Models S, 3 or X 

Available Worldwide including USA Residents 
List Price:  $279.00 

Price:  $248.31 

You Save:  $30.69 (11%)

The all-new #1776 cell phone mount is designed exclusively to fit Tesla® vehicles*.






The best cell phone holder for the Tesla® Model S, Model X and Model 3. Holds your phone in landscape or portrait orientation.


We are confident that it will exceed your expectations. This Tesla® cellphone holder is compatible with nearly all phones.  It also doubles as a free-standing cell phone holder when not in the vehicle.

Our latest release has stronger magnets, updated viewing angle improved ergonomics and many other refinements over our previous model.

*  One or more states may restrict cellphones mounted to the steering wheel. Check your local laws before use. The #1776 is made for"stationary use only".  Do not use the #1776 cell phone holder while the car is in motion.

 Autopilot Buddy®  

Nag Reduction Device (track use only)**

Available for Tesla® Models S, 3, or X 

Not Available To USA Residents
List Price:  $279.00 

Price:  $248.31 

You Save:  $30.69 (11%)

Autopilot Buddy® "Nag reduction device" is the must-have Tesla® accessory**.


 Available for International sales only, this can not be sent to address in the USA.





The Autopilot Buddy unit restores extended use of the use of Autosteer on Tesla® vehicles to earlier Firmware 7 capabilities. This is not intended to be a hands-off device; your hands must remain on the wheel as directed by Tesla's terms of "Autosteer" user agreement.


Since "Autosteer" was first released (Oct 2015) Tesla's updates have slowly diminished the duration from thirty minutes to less than one minute between nagging reminders. This reduction in the cars features made many owners upset.

** Do Not Use the AutopilotBuddy on public streets. The Autopilot Buddy is not for street use, it is for closed track use only.  

 Autopilot Buddy Reviews

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