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Autopilot Buddy Trouble shooting

First Step
1. Take the unit off the wheel and step outside the car.
2. Close the door and let the car go to sleep (Tesla calls this daydream mode).
3.  Step far enough away from the vehicle with the fob.
4. Once the displays go dark open the door.
5. Let the car fully wake up and install the unit 30 seconds after boot up.  This lets the torque steer motor calibrate. 
Next Step
If this first method doesn’t work.
1. Put the unit on upside down and backward on the opposite side of the wheel.  If it’s a left unit attach to the right, if it’s a right attach to the left.  It must be upside down and backwards for the magnets to align.

Other Tips
Lastly make sure that wheel/rim size or tires have not changed from the stock sizing.
Please set the steering mode to "comfort".
If you tried all these steps send us photos or video of your issue.

#1776 CellPhone Holder Trouble shooting

First Step
1. Attach the metal plate (provided) to the back of your cellphone or cellphone case.
    Many people have trouble getting the phone to cling to the cellphone holder because they fail to attach the metal plate first.
If you do not want to attach the metal plate to your phone you can simply, place the metal plate between the cell phone and the cell phone case.
Remember the #1776 is not a nag reduction device and is not marketed as such.  We strongly recommend that you only use the cell phone holder while the vehicle is stationary (I.e. at a supercharging station and you have 40 minutes to burn).  Some states have restrictions mounting cellphone holders to the steering wheel.  Check your local state before purchase or using.
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