Frequently Asked Questions

I want a #1776 cell phone holder that fits Tesla vehicles but I live in the USA. Can you ship to me?

Yes. We can sell and ship the #1776 Tesla compatible cell phone mount to residents inside the United States.

What is a #1776 Tesla compatible cell phone mount?

The #1776 is a cell phone holder that mounts to your steering wheel. The patent-pending magnetic Tesla cell phone mount works with most cell phones. It may look similar to an Autopilot Buddy but that is where the similarities end. The #1776 is not a nag reduction device, its a cellphone holder.  It is not an Autopilot Buddy and does not function like one. The #1776 is designed to use while the vehicle is stationary. Some states have restrictions on mounting cellphones to your wheel while operating the vehicle. Check local laws in your state before using.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We ship Autopilot Buddies and #1776 units internationally. All our international sales ship USPS International/Global Priority.


What vehicles does the #1776™ cell phone holder that fit?

The #1776 Tesla compatible cell phone mount fits all Model S, Model 3 and Model X Teslas.   


What is an Autopilot Buddy?

When "Autosteer" aka "Autopilot" was first released by Tesla Motors you could drive for thirty minutes without nagging.  Telsa had taken away features owners paid for, by reducing the functionality dramatically. Over the air "updates" neutered the "Autosteer" feature by reducing autopilot from thirty minutes to thirty seconds.  The Autopilot Buddy is a weighted device that is specifically molded to fit the Telsa steering wheel for track use only.   This weighted device reduces the "nags" introduced in recent updates from Tesla.

I want an Autopilot Buddy but live outside the USA, Can you ship me one?

Yes.  We ship Autopilot Buddy (nag reduction) devices to addresses outside the United States.


I want an Autopilot Buddy but live in the USA, Can you ship me one?

No.  We can only ship Autopilot Buddy (nag reduction) devices to addresses outside the United States.


I have a loose magnet and wondering can I repair it myself?

Its very rare but occasionally a hard impact will result in a loose magnet. If you are out of warranty and don't want to be without your device you can follow the instructional video here.  However, we recommend that you ship it to us for warranty repair if you are within one year of purchase see our warranty and return policies here.


I've damaged my unit, can you fix it?


Send us your damaged item with a check or money order made out to for $69.00. We can also invoice you via Paypal.  This price includes repair, refurbish or replacement, handling, packing and return ship via USPS to you.  Send to: Dolder, Falco, and Reese Partners LLC 23890 Copperhill Dr #417, Valencia CA 91354.  Be sure to include your a return shipping address inside the package. Write on the outside of the package "Goodwill Program".


What Firmware versions work with the Autopilot Buddy®?

Our engineering team has developed and tested our current units to work with the latest firmware.  Note: We warranty that your unit will perform to meet or exceed your expectations. We cannot foresee what Tesla will do in the future, therefore... Firmware/ changes in the future are not covered under warranty returns. See Warranty Page for more info.    


I've owned my Autopilot Buddy for less than 6 months and Tesla's firmware "update" has rendered it useless... what can I do?

Firmware/ changes by Tesla are not covered under warranty returns. See Warranty Page for more info. However, we do have a one-time Goodwill Upgrade Exchange program in place.  If you purchased your unit in the last 6 months, go to our Goodwill Upgrade Exchange page to get a quote.  Note: Upgrades are calculated on a prorated basis. Some restrictions apply to contact us for details. 


I've read that NTHSA has asked you to quit selling the Autopilot Buddy nag reduction device.

  Our #1776 cell phone holders can be purchased by U.S. residents; because they are not a nag reduction devices.  The National Transportation and Highway Saftey Administration requested we stop selling our Autopilot Buddy devices to USA residents.  We have complied with their request. Even though our AB product was never designed to be used on public roads, and specifically for track use only. We no longer process orders of the Autopilot Buddy® nag reduction device to addresses within the United States.  We can, however, ship the Autopilot Buddy nag reduction device to international addresses. We also ship cellphone holders to U.S. residents and International customers.